Fumigation practises worldwide are rapidly changing with new stricter controls and tougher global regulatory inspections. Since March 2006 a new Regulation has been applied to all the Wood packaging material from third world countries. The new requirements apply to all wood packaging material imported into the EU, USA, Canada, Japan, China, etc. They are a part of the so-called phyto sanitary measures. These contain stipulations for the import of plant products into a country which are goverened by Plant Quarantine Regulatory body.The Plant Quarantine Department is considered to be the First Line of Defence in keeping the exotic pests out of the Country.

The changes in the European Union Measures are just the beginning of regulatory changes that will affect every shipper which export products on wooden pallets. Capital Pest Control (India) has become a pioneer by addressing these types of issues early in their developmental stages to insure that their customers receive a seamless solution.